Skylarks are known for their unusually varied and beautiful song.

Lærke Corfix is set to steal your heart with her exquisite writing, fueled by her electrifying guitar playing and a voice that has granted her rave reviews from magazines such as La Quotidien, Gaffa and music bloggers throughout Europe and has attracted the interest of international names such as Shilpa Ray, Hannah Lou Clark, Jacob Whitesides and Aske Jacoby.


Live i Rockhal, Luxembourg, 9/5 2017 | Photo © Greta Arntz 2017

Live i Rockhal, Luxembourg, 9/5 2017 | Photo © Greta Arntz 2017

The Nordic skylark Lærke Corfix is known as an entrancing performer and songwriter. Her music and the stories embedded in the lyrics are haunting, but serene. Alaudidae can unleash a wave of raw vocal force and emotion, that takes you back to the roots of the very universe, as she casts light on existential subjects that we all recognize in our human life.

Lærke Corfix's music has a certain elven quality to it, the kind that will lure you deep into the forest. As she crawls into the mind of a killer or takes you to the edge of the sandy desert, Corfix has got that rare ability to eliminate the space between herself and the listeners. She weaves a seamless tapestry of voices and unfolds her wide vocal range in an commited, honest and heartfelt perfomance. Lærke Corfix’s approach to songwriting is frequently compared to the likes of Pj Harvey, Adele, Alanis Morisette and Feist.